Gaming MADNESS... Club Nintendo goes out with a big bob-omb! (Ka-BOOM!)

It's here... and the maintenance you saw yesterday was for a darnnnnn good reason. Want to know what's available in the departing Club Nintendo rewards area(?)... look below!

I wish they kept these options in the Club Nintendo store and added to the list, because... I envision a lot of coins being cashed out for awesome games, that were ultimately spoon fed for a limited time. Its great, its a freaking free-for-all... that's bitter sweet at the same time. I just hope that what's to come makes sense... but there are some things that I appreciate about it (1 major one being that we didn't have to have rewards, but I'm glad they were here). Oh yeah... don't forget Flipnote Studio 3D!

Nintendo... your community is your business and I hope that you continue to increase the eventful experiences that don't require huge budgets, just creativity and packed with a challenging bite.

(Here's the list for Wii U... 3DS... & Wii, I hope you have coins!)