COVID-19: Life Through Your Eyes

This page is for those of you who want to see life outside your home, through the eyes of fellow citizens... not just the news. For specifics regarding Covid-19, check out:

Businesses are opening back up... but I urge our viewers to stay home, only go out when you have to and wear a face cover. Going out early is the best move in my opinion, because if the virus remains airborne for up to 3 hours... that would mean that the coast should be a bit more clear if nightlife doesn't last until the break of dawn in your area. This allows you to go do what you have to do and get out before the crowds pour in. I know people who have died from Covid-19. Stay safe! - Blu

Fun isn't worth dying over. The government wants the economy to improve and I get all that but the doctors and scientists are telling us to stay home! I'm going to listen to the doctors and scientists so I don't have to see them in person for treatment, hells no! - Luis D. Lucha

The economy starting back up is not a problem for me, tone-deaf citizens are the problem. They don't abide by social distancing guidelines, they won't cover up, they refuse to practice proper hygiene. I don't wish to go back into that any time soon. - Yang

STAY HOME... don't add to the spread of COVID-19! It's totally like Russian roulette! - RkRk

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