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Watch This: Samurai Champloo #1 - Tempestuous Temperaments

This is easily one of my favorite anime. I fell in love with it when I was in college.

Samurai Champloo is an adventure comedy about a swordsman by the name of Mugen, who is more of a free spirit... Jin, who is a ronin and the complete opposite personality, and Fuu. These two samurai accompany Fuu in her journey to find the Samurai who smells of Sunflowers.

I like the way they mixed in Hip Hop to give it more flavor, and it's not just the music playing in the background... you can see it throughout the anime. Think of the Edo-era... if hip hop emerged in the previous era. Anyway, i'll stop babbling... but I hope this information provided you with an idea of what you can look forward too!

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